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Registration for the 2024-2025 academic year is now open. Please visit our registration page for more information.

Online Registration

Registration is mandatory for both new and returning students.



Student Success Center

Tri-County's Student Success Center is open to students during normal school hours of operation. Students are welcome to check out books, magazines, audio books, e-books, and even some movies. The Student Success Center is also a great place to use computers for research and other academic pursuits. The content available in the Student Success Center is constantly changing and being update, check the card catalog to see if the Student Success Center has the book you are in search of! 

Student Success Center During Lunch

Students may go to the Student Success Center during their lunch period to read, make up work, or use computers.  A limited number of passes are available each day. Students should get a pass from Student Success Center desk before their lunch period. 


"Drop Everything And Read" is an occasional Friday morning activity that helps to encourage reading and improve skills. All students and staff will 'drop everything and read' for fun for 30 minutes. Students choose reading materials they enjoy - fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, instruction manuals, magazines- for this period.

Book Club

Students have the option to sign up for Book Club. Books are provided and the group meets once a term, during lunches, for discussion of the book. A special lunch, free to students, is provided. A limited number of spaces are available each term and students must sign up for one book at a time. Information will be announced to students soon after each term begins.