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Career Advising

The Board views career advising as helping students understand themselves relative to their abilities, aptitudes, interests, attitudes, strengths and limitations. This process is meant to assist students in the development of their potential and their decisions relating to educational and career matters. 
This policy is reviewed biennially and made available to students, parents, guardians/custodians, local postsecondary institutions and residents of the District. This policy is posted in a prominent location on the District website. 

The District will do all of the following. 
  1. Provide students with grade-level examples linking schoolwork to one or more career field(s) through use of the State Board adopted career connections.
  2. Create a plan to provide career advising to students in grades 10 through 12.
  3. Provide additional interventions and career advising for students who are identified as at risk of dropping out of school using both research- and locally-based methods developed with input from classroom teachers and guidance counselors.
  4. Train employees on advising students on career pathways, including the use of online tools.
  5. Develop multiple, clear career pathways students can use to earn a high school diploma.
  6. Identify and publicize courses in which students can earn both traditional academic and career-technical credit.
  7. Document career advising provided to each student.
  8. Prepare students for their transition from high school to their postsecondary destinations.

Student success plans (SSP) are developed for students identified as at risk of dropping out of school. A SSP identifies the student's chosen academic pathway to graduation and the role of career-technical and competency based education and experiential learning, as appropriate in that chosen pathway. The student's parents, guardians or custodians are invited to assist in the development of the SSP. A copy of the SSP, a statement regarding the importance of a high school diploma and the academic pathways available to the student for successful graduation is provided to parents, guardians or custodians who do not participate in development of the student's SSP. Following SSP development, the District provides career advising aligned with the student's individual plan and the District's plan for career advising.