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Power Line Technology

Program Description

Welcome to the Power Line Technology Program. The student experience at Tri-County Career Center is a unique combination of textbook learning and real world hands-on experiences. We apply Science, Math and Communication Skills to career opportunities. Our approach to learning challenges students to obtain their very best potential.

Terms such as “power line worker”, “electrical line worker”, and “telephone lineman” are synonymous, while many simply refer to the term “lineman”.  The lineman builds, maintains and repairs overhead and underground power lines and cables.  He/she may work at a large utility company such as AEP, a local electric cooperative, a city, or an independent company that contracts jobs from larger companies.  The lineman is always “on call” especially during natural disasters.

The Power Line Technology program will equip you to perform a number of basic tasks that will help you to be a useful member of a line crew.  You will have the basic understanding of the electric power system.  Safety is number ONE.  You will be aware of hazards that exist around you and should be able to recognize an unsafe situation when you see one.  You may be certified in wood pole climbing.  You will be able to frame poles, construct basic power lines, be a good “groundman”, know how to tie knots, splice rope, prepare rigging, set up a work zone, set up and operate a bucket truck and digger derricks, along with many other tasks.

Areas of Study:

  • Safety
  • CDL Training
  • 10 hour OSHA Training
  • Climbing and rigging techniques
  • Bucket truck and digger equipment operation
  • Electrical equipment usage
  • Proper use and maintenance of hand and power tools
  • Installation skills
  • Power poles and anchors setting techniques
  • Repair, maintenance and installation of transmission and distribution lines
  • Employability skills

Career Opportunities:

  • Power line technician
  • Cable installer
  • Independent contractor
  • Tree trimmer


Danny Sullivan