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Business Ownership

Program Description

 This course introduces students to specializations within the three career fields. Students will obtain knowledge and skills in fundamental business activities. They will acquire knowledge of business processes, economics and business relationships. Students will use technology to synthesize and share business information. Employability skills, leadership and communications and personal financial literacy will be addressed. 

Students will apply techniques used to manage people and information in a business environment. Students will learn to build relationships with clients, employees, peers and stakeholders and to assist new employees. They will manage business records, gather and disseminate information, and preserve critical artifacts. They will also examine contracts, internal controls and compliance requirements. Business office tools and applications will be emphasized. 

Students will learn to plan, organize, and monitor day-to-day business activities. They will use technology to plan production activities, forecast inventory needs, and negotiate vendor contracts. Students will also calculate breakeven, set cost-volume-profit goals, and develop policies and procedures to promote workplace safety and security. They will design sustainability plans and use lean and six sigma principles to plan for quality improvement. Corporate social responsibility, ethics, risk management and compliance will be emphasized. 

In this course, students will demonstrate sales processes and techniques used in a business-to-business environment. They will develop, grow, and maintain positive business relationships. Students will monitor trends and the business environment to determine the impact on their sales, customers, and competitors. They will negotiate and adjust prices and sales terms. Students will manage sales activities and territories. Technology, employability skills, leadership and communications will be incorporated in classroom activities. 

Certification Opportunities

Customer Svc./Sales, Advanced Customer Service, Retail Fundamentals, Entrep./Small Business Certification, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word     Excel Badge


Mike Deley