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Building & Property Management

Program Description

Are you a natural problem-solver with a keen eye for detail? Do you have a passion for buildings and their inner workings? Can you envision yourself as the go-to person who ensures that properties are well-maintained, tenants are satisfied, and operations run smoothly? If so, our Building and Property Management program is the perfect launchpad for your career.

At Tri-County Career Center, we understand that property management is a dynamic and rewarding field that combines various skills – from understanding building systems and carrying out maintenance tasks to managing relationships with tenants and contractors. It's a career that puts you in the driver's seat, where your decisions and actions directly impact the success of the property you manage.

Our program is designed to equip you with the technical skills, practical knowledge, and leadership abilities you need to excel in this field. We offer a unique blend of textbook learning and real-world, hands-on experiences, challenging you to reach your full potential. 

Whether you're aspiring to manage residential, commercial, or industrial properties, our Building and Property Management program provides the foundational knowledge and practical skills you need to succeed. 

Areas of Study

  • Safety
  • Accurate measurement
  • Proper tool and equipment use
  • Material applications
  • Purpose and function
  • Carpentry skills
  • Plumbing installation and repair
  • Concrete work
  • Masonry
  • Electrical wiring
  • Welding
  • Painting and drywall finishing
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Roofing and siding installation
  • Insulation values and requirements

Further Educational Opportunities

  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Special certifications
  • Associate’s degree in construction-related areas
  • Bachelor’s degree in construction supervision

Leadership Organizations

  • SkillsUSA (Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America)
  • National Vocational Technical Honor Society


Tim Bail